Evaluation Offer Details Price* Benefit
“Elasti-Map” 10-15 minute evaluation w/recommended
treatment plan, minimum 5 horses
$15/horse Get a road map for optimizing health of all your horses
One-Time Session Offer Details Price* Benefit
(Single Oh-my-goodness Session)
Session lasts 1-2 hours, depending on horse’s needs $120/horse Relieve stress points, increase elasticity & range of motion
Friendship Packages Offer Details Price* You Save
“Nice Neighbors” 2+ appointments scheduled consecutively w/in 15 miles $115/horse SAVE: $5/horse!
“Barn Buddies” 5+ horses in 1 appointment $110/horse SAVE: $10/horse!
Subscriptions Offer Details Price* You Save
“Pampered Pal” 6 monthly sessions for 1 horse $625 prepaid SAVE: $95!
“Bring Back the Edge” 8 weekly sessions for 1 horse $810 prepaid SAVE: $150!
“Trainers’ Treat 4x4” Any 4 horses/week for 4 weeks $1575 prepaid SAVE: $345!
“Trainers’ Treat 5x5” Any 5 horses/week for 5 weeks $2375 prepaid SAVE: $625!
We also offer kinesiology taping and craniosacral therapy! Call for appointment.

(*Does not include Trip Fees, where applicable.)